Homeopathy and Infertility


Homeopathy and Infertility

At Glenda Wilks Homeopathy Clinic, we are always striving to bring you up to date health care options. The most recent involves a new fertility program.

Infertility affects a significant proportion of couples in our community and can create much stress and emotional trauma in relationships. Infertility involves issues which are multifactorial. For a healthy conception, it is important for both men and women to have optimum health.

There are well accepted nutritional guidelines set down which include maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption and any other addictive substances such as caffeine drinks and refined foods. Keeping active is vital and time spent in the sun is also invaluable for optimum levels of Vitamin D.

The new program offered at the clinic comes from a Homeopath who has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with issues around infertility. Once again, as with any Homeopathic consultation, it is important to obtain information in the emotional, mental and physical realms - Questions such as history of oral contraceptive pill use (OCP), (which suppresses ovulation), anxiety and depression issues, dietary influences, medications, illness history, etc need to be ascertained.

For a woman, ovulation is vital to becoming pregnant and many things can affect this - such as the history of the OCP, worry, sickness (eg candida infection), travel, excitement and medications.

If you would like to find out more about the homeopathic approach to infertility, give me a call!

Article written by Carol Salmond on behalf of Glenda Wilks Homeopathy