What to Expect

Glenda Wilks Brisbane Homeopath

"Your initial consultation may take between one and two hours; think of this as an investment in your long term health and well being."

What to expect when you come to see a me?

Your First Consultation
On your initial consultation it is necessary to gain as much background as possible of the symptoms you are experiencing, your family medical history and elements relating to lifestyle, diet, personality traits and any other contributing factors relative to your current situation. From this information I am able to derive the homeopathic remedy to prescribe for you.

A Holistic Approach
A large segment of the initial consultation involves many questions that allows me to build a picture of your unique makeup; which assists me in developing your individual personal profile; physical, mental and emotional symptoms all play an important part in homeopathic prescribing.

Your initial consultation may take between one and two hours, however this assists our ongoing plan for addressing issues over time; think of this as an investment in your long term health and well being.

Your first follow up consultation maybe up to four weeks after the first prescription, although in some cases it may be sooner. The session will be shorter, and I will ask about changes that have occurred, using my detailed notes as a reference point, before deciding on the next course of treatment.

Is Homeopathy for life?
Homeopathy works with the body's own defence mechanism, thus strengthening a person's health and well being. This is extremely important for children in their formative years.

Homeopathic Remedies?
A Homeopath uses very dilute doses of medicines which are derived from plant, animal, mineral and microbiological sources. These are prepared under strict Homeopathic pharmaceutical guidelines.

If you are concerned at any stage of your treatment it is vital you contact your Homeopath and/or doctor immediately.