Homeopathy and Epigenetics - Passing on "Genetic Memory"

The BBC Science and Nature Homepage displayed an article entitled "The Ghost in Your Genes." (bbc.co.uk). Research has shown that our genes appear to have a memory which can be passed on next generations. There is much evidence that what we do in our lifetime can be biologically passed on to our children and grandchildren. This includes lifestyle, diet, stresses, the air we breath and even the things we see.

This goes against the conventional theory that our DNA contains all the heritable information independent of our lifestyle, thus making us void of any responsibility towards generations to come. This new discovery, which is called epigenetics, challenges all scientists to be flexible in their thinking and remain open to new possibilities.

It is interesting that Homeopathy has always placed great importance on obtaining a thorough family history, as we know the lives of our ancestors including lifestyle, stresses, challenges, etc help shape who we are today.

It is also interesting that the implication of quantum mechanics is that all things in our universe (including us) that appear to exist independently are actually part of one all-encompassing organic pattern, and that no parts of that pattern are ever really separate from it or from each other. ('The Dancing Wu Li Masters', by Gary Zukav). Everything is interconnected.

The BBC article ends by saying, "This work is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in scientific thinking. It will change the way the causes of disease are viewed, as well as the importance of lifestyles and family relationships. What people do no longer just affects themselves, but can determine the health of their children and grandchildren in decades to come."

Having a background firmly rooted in conventional science, it is wonderful to see the gap between science and homeopathy closing from many sides.

Article written by Carol Salmond on behalf of Glenda Wilks Homeopathy