Animals and Homeopathy


Animals and Homeopathy

Another approach to relieving the suffering in your pets.
Did you know Homeopathy has many benefits in the treatment of acute illnesses and chronic conditions in your animals? It is extremely cost-effective and will also facilitate a deeper understanding and connection with your much loved pets.

How does it work? Basically, there is little difference between the treatment of people and the treatment of animals - except, of course, we have the added challenge of finding out the problem without any verbal feedback from the patient (much like babies).

So how does Homeopathy deal with this situation? The choice of medicine is dependent upon the symptoms presented and quiet observation will be the key to good Homeopathic prescribing. Much valuable information can be obtained by observing the animal's mannerisms - how they sit, lie down, scratch themselves, avoid movement, walk, shun observation and any deviations from their usual habits will be important.

The emotional state is also important. How do they respond to company? Are they affected by certain situations e.g. thunderstorms?

Physical symptoms will also be noted - What is the frequency and character of their pulse and respiration? Is the nose dry or moist? Is there sneezing or discharge from the nostrils? And the list goes on - the type of cough, state of teeth and gums, offensive breath or not, appetite, skin, fever, etc, etc.

Basically, in Homeopathy, we are looking for any deviations from their normal healthy state including any peculiar symptoms that are individual to your animal.

Once you understand how Homeopathy works, along with the guidance from your Homeopath, you'll find a first aid kit an invaluable tool in treating acute illnesses. And, of course, the kit will have the added benefit of being able to be used by your family also.

However, it is important to remember that chronic conditions need to be treated by your Homeopath as these indicate a deeper disturbance. Homeopathy does not distinguish between medicines for people and ones for animals. It relies purely on the symptoms presented and a well indicated remedy prescribed.

Article written by Carol Salmond on behalf of Glenda Wilks Homeopathy